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We spend some time with one of the biggest personalities in porn

Aug 08, 2011 - Posted By: Peter
Enough credit is never really given to the people behind the scenes in the adult industry. It takes a lot more than a hot model to make a scene come to life. From makeup artists, to producers and directors there is a small army behind each and every shoot.

One such person is Ivan E. Rection, who is best known for his work with Anabolic Digital and his baby Puba. Ivan has a very strong background in mainstream film, which really shows in the quality of his adult productions. Ivan is also one of the biggest personalities in the whole adult industry, so we were very excited to spend a little time with him and bring you his thoughts on the porn industry and let him also share some personal stories as well.

Although this is much more of an interview than an article, we thought it fit best in the articles section. Here at Barelist we try and bring you as many aspects of the adult industry as we can, and we felt that this Interview defiantly gives a little more insight into the behind the scenes world of porn. In the future, we will probably continue to post more interviews with adult industry professionals in the artciles section of Barelist

Please enjoy our interview with Ivan E. Rection, and make sure you check out both of his sites:
I am Ivan - Ivan's Personal Site
Puba - The Pornstar Network

Growing up in the Soviet Union could you have ever imagined shooting porn when you grew up?
When I was in Russia I didn't even know what color televisions looked like. Porn was definitely not even a thought, plus I was 8 and was more worried about touching my classmates during nap time. Wait, then maybe that was my springboard into adult. A quick FYI, on our journey to United States we lived in Austria for over a month. And we lived above a whorehouse. I always wondered why there were pictures of pretty girls on the outside walls and why so many of the ladies inside wore little clothing. Later in life my folks filled me in on it. Also ... I was in in Playboy in 1983 so yeah my youth had a pattern that led me to this. If I was a Russian chick you would asking me questions like "when did you do your first anal?" I guess you can still ask me that ;)

Is it true that in Soviet Russia, porn shoots you?
In Russia porn shoots you and in Russia you don't cum ... cum cums out of you!

Who or what's to blame for getting you into the adult industry?
Me hating to work in mainstream and really hating when The Bachelor called for another job. I had a bad experience in my previous job on it. Just too much attitude and flakey people. So I figured porn had more responsible and less flakey people. Not sure if it was exactly how I planned on it working out. But I do thank Rob Black and Tom Byron for giving me an opportunity to become this wacky porn director.

Is there some over the top story about how you started your career in porn?
Not really, I was actually doing ringside camera for XPW which was owned by Rob who owned Extreme Associates. They asked me to come shoot BTS for Evolution Erotica, which was their brand new sister company. I went, I shot, I realized I can shoot and edit circles around most directors, I can do graphics better then many, I promote and respect my product and I cared. Unlike so many I saw around me. So with all these "I's", I figured I should as if I could shoot a scene or two. Rob, Tommy and Kevin K. gave me an opportunity to shoot around a dozen bonus scenes. Yes, back then we all had money to shoot bonus scenes for DVDs. Then figuring my ego of using "I" so much, I created And the rest is hIstory.

Being involved in the North American adult industry for so long, what are your true thoughts about European porn (grunting and all)?
Well more free and expressive anyone can be with their sexuality and creativity is good with me.

Since you started shooting in the early 2000s, are there any stars that had retired and you wish you had the chance to shoot?
Honestly, looking back on my experiences good and bad. I loved shooting everything I have done because it helped me mold into who I am as a person and director. I would have loved to shoot Teri Weigel because growing up my penis loved watching her. When I edited a scene Tom Byron shot with her a year ago or so, those feelings in my shorts came back. The scene sucked but me looking at her was enough. Some pornstars I would love to shoot again are Lauren Phoenix, Kami Andrews, Julie Knight and Isabel Ice. Those chickies made work easy and fun and sometimes into circus acts.

Who is your go to girl, who you know will always bring her A game to every single shoot?
At Anabolic it was always Dana DeArmond. She is the fucking MVP. Home Run every time in any scene. These days it's hard because so many girls just don't do everything. Asa Akira I guess would be the closest to being that kind of girl.

Have you ever used the "I'm a producer" line on any of the talent you were interested in? Male or Female...
No sir, I don't push my weight around. I have touched only two pairs of boobs on set in my 8 years directing. And to date no penis touching yet. I don't yell at people, I give them enough leash to hang themselves then just boot them from my life or business dealings.

Dating a porn star? Yay or Nay
Dated Extreme Associates contract girl for 18 months. None since. Looking? Yes! Pursuing? No time. Plus most girls don't appreciate a good bear with creativity. They enjoy a hunky male performer who fills their life with drama. My workload really is too big and wouldn't be fair for someone to be in a relationship with me.

What was the shoot you were the most proud of?
This movie I just finished called "This is Why I'm Hot" turned out amazing. For the budget constraints I think I put out a movie that would compete with anyone. ( My baby is still Texas' Asshole Massacre from 6 years ago. It was pre parody boom and was kind of a honeymoon for Kami and me.

Truthfully, what was the weirdest or funniest thing you have ever seen happen on set?
I've seen a girl in pile driver sucking chocolate milk through a plastic tube BUT the catch was the chocolate milk was in her ass which was pried open with a speculum AND the chocolate milk was "chunky"

Current thoughts of the adult industry and where it's going? Tubes/Piracy/Online/DVD etc...
I guess with technological advances, thieves are getting smarter. So as a society we need to as well. Industry is eating it's way from inside out. We can blame tube sites or this or that. But fuck most people in porn never gave a shit about each other. From how they treat girls to their co-workers or even undermining smaller companies. Companies got greedy with comps. which hurt DVD sales for new titles. So now tubesites are basically comp. companies giving it for free. So now some slime balls are pissed that bigger slime balls or at least smarter slime balls are treating them like they treat girls on Go Sees. Sucks for all of us. We need to adapt and police our own for a change. And have the cream rise to the top.

3D... gimmick or here to stay?
I rather watch movies in Smell-o-Rama then in 3D. Give me a fun gimmick not one that will give me a headache. I did see some football in 3D and it looked way cool! Still a gimmick though. People get contact lenses to avoid wearing glasses now they have to wear them to watch movies? No thank you.

If you were to transition more into mainstream film, what sort of films would you shoot?
I actually came from mainstream, directing and producing close to 20 films. I come from the horror side of things. Having some very successful shorts. And we are now in early stages of doing a Horror-Comedy feature of our series called Roadside Killer. Exciting times coming soon!

What are your top five favorite movies of all time?
Road Warrior, The Exorcist, Irreversible, Dolemite and Toxic Avenger series

Which mainstream director, do you think would be the best at directing porn?
Slava which is my real name. But probably Kevin Smith. He seems open enough to be very unique

What's behind the beard and the glasses... who is the real Ivan?
I am very shy when I am not holding a camera. I'm missing one class to officially have my Bachelors Degree Diploma and it's speech class because of my fear of public speaking. Very loyal to my friends, relationships and employers. I don't drink, don't smoke, no drugs, not even coffee. But I love pasta and Club Soda. And I am a football fanatic. Used to record all types of football ... pop warner, high school, college, all pro leagues and even women's leagues. Have over a 1000 VHS tapes at home. And over 150 jerseys with 40 pairs of shoes to match

If you were stranded on a deserted island with one jersey and one pair of shoes, what would they be?
My custom PUBA hockey jersey and my new lime green Jordans that people keep drooling over. I still am an attention whore who wants to represent my company.

Friends, Family, Acquaintances thoughts on you shooting porn? Or do you tell them you shoot B movies?
They all know I shoot B movies. Mom knows I do porn and she knows my character so she supports me. Dad knows but denies it except for an occasional "hooker" joke. Brother used to be a top director in porn, Ricky D. So he is cool with it. My cats don't like it, they are very conservative and hate me being away so much. Rest of my family doesn't know. But I don't hide it, I'm proud of my career choice because I am doing it the proper way.

Besides film, what are your other major interests?
I have been an MMA fan since seeing that Sumo dude get his face punted in UFC #1. Love it all, not a UFC mark just love all MMA. Huge football fan. Love horror movies and try to see most that come out. I collect movies, have over 600 DVDs. Movies help me grow as a filmmaker. Every movie, good or bad ... giant budget or no budget, has someone's life, blood and tears put into it. And I respect and appreciate it. Watch American Movie, it's an amazing example of filmmaking at it's core.

What's an ordinary day like for Ivan E. Rection? A day in the life...
I sleep at the office 3 to 4 times a week. So on the days I sleep there, I edit til about midnight ... nap til 4 or 5 ... wake-up and edit. If we are shooting that day. I begin prepping at about 9am after editing for a few hours. Shoot from 11-5. Edit for a few and go home or continue my routine. I have set days of Puba Hostel. I sleep at the Studio sundays, tuesdays, thursdays. So if any ladies who are interested in a creative bear ... bring treats on those nights. I juggle any where from 50 to 60 texts and calls per day.

Any shameless plugs you want to throw out at the end of this interview?
First I want to plug my website where you can find my blogs, video blogs, pictures, trailers and some amazingly entertaining crap for free ... AND of course our company where we do pornstar websites. I'm one of the owners and director of production. AND AND I just got my "Ivan" skateboard done! Pornstar Skateboards did their first ever guy/porn director board and it's going to be up on their site soon. I have a few in my possession and love the look.

Ivan E Rection

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Ivan is the real deal...I've only met him once but I know stuff!
Posted by: Sands on 8/22/2011 1:36:19 PM

Great to read about a creative innovator who also seems to be one down-to-earth dude. Awesome!
Posted by: Brian on 8/18/2011 12:52:35 AM

So glad someone had a comment! :)
Posted by: Ivan on 8/12/2011 5:52:24 PM

Cool interview, really interesting. Eewww to the chocolate milk! haha
Posted by: Sian Davies on 8/11/2011 1:39:55 PM
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