Ass Takes It All by Misha Cross

For her first article Misha talks about the rise of anal sex

May 27, 2014 - Posted By: Misha Cross
Hi guys,

Some time ago i did an interview for and luckily few days after i was offered to write articles for this website. I found it as a great opportunity to share my view on certain matters like sex, culture, social media, and of course porn. Every week I’ll be posting an article here which will be more or less like a dear-diary style. Every piece will be very private and intimate also brutally honest and true. My life has become one big crazy rollercoaster since i started performing as an adult model, now I’m gonna share this lustful and sometimes nauseating ride with you out there.


And suddenly, he cannot even tell how it happened, he imagines the hole of her ass. Abruptly, unexpectedly, that image is there, and he will never be rid of it.

The quote above comes from the slowness written by Milan Kundera. How true and accurate is that?! How many of you guys out there have fantasized about coming back home and seeing your girl all bent over and ready for some naughty backdoor action. I guess the answer is: ALL or almost all of you. I've been asking myself: "what is it about ass that makes you want it so bad?" Cause there's something about ass, that's for sure! "Ah, the liberating ass hole!" as Kundera utters. The more I think about it the more I'm sure that asshole is kinda like a rich uncle from America. Everybody wants to have one! When I joined adult industry I was willing to do all the nastiest things that it takes to make my name in porn, anal was one of them. Then I knew very little about all ritual that comes with anal sex : diet, douches, enemas, preparation etc etc but one thing was clear to me: guys want to see you being pounded in the ass, love it or leave it girl. I've been obsessed with my ass since I turn 16. I remember one day I had an appointment with the doctor, the buttman as I like to call every proctologist. I told my friend about the visit, she just smiled and said "That’s so embarrassing! LOL. Maybe your man has not been putting it into the right hole" THE RIGHT HOLE? Of course pussy was the only right hole according to her but giving the fact 90% of the scenes I’ve performed are anal THE RIGHT HOLE carries a totally different meaning for me. Asa Akira once said: "Ass is the new pussy" Well, indeed. Anal sex has made a big step from being a filthy fantasy or sexual act performed by libertarian degenerates and described in condemned books to actually becoming the most desirable activity in porn, which means, it's gained the status of THE TOTALLY RIGHT HOLE. Even though an asshole was not necessarily made to be penetrated (blah blah blah), the amount of anal scenes available on the internet is still rising. Once reserved only for the strongest performers now anal sex and even double penetration is just a piece of cake in porn industry. Does it mean that the pussy is boring? Overrated? Cause we don't want to fuck pussy anymore, we need action, we need it hardcore, rough and kinky, we want anal! That's the reality. For me porn is the platform that reflects changes occurring in societies. We can look at this from two perspectives, the perspective of stressful lifestyle and perspective of absorption. Giving the fact the amount of stress we're under has a big influence on our lives, we need more and more ways to alleviate all this tension. We don’t want to go out on the street and start killing people! We need safety valves. That's why we have brutal video games, shooting ranges, fighting sports, parades and what’s the most important porn. What's more, we are also being exposed to all kinds of heavy stimulation that comes from the media. The more exposed we are to the external stimulation, the more we need this stimulation in our day by day existence and the stronger the boost has to be. That’s why we still want it bigger, louder, stronger, better, more intense, we want to be blinded by the lights and dazed by the noise, otherwise it’s just not worth it. That’s why also porn is more and more extreme, standards has been raised very high now for newcomers to reach them. Anal, dp, dap, tp, gaping, enemas, gagging, the list knows no end. I've been fucked in my ass so many times that sometimes I was missing vaginal sex. My ass was being conquered and my pussy just felt jealous about all the fucking my ass got. I remember my own words, pussy is for loving, anal is for porn. When I view all sort of porn related forums most of the threads there are about anal and stuff. It’s like "XYZ first anal scene", "when is she going to do anal", "why didn’t she do anal in that scene?!" People are obsessed with that. That makes me judge that pussy seems to be a relic of the past nowadays and ass is the winner who takes it all.


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Nice article, you make some good points on how anal became an absolutely basic and integral element of the porn world. It seems that nowadays it is the litmus test for porn girls to confirm their sluttiness. After all, everyone wants to see their favorite actress enjoy more than just regular vanilla pussy sex. I mean every girl in the world takes dick in their pussy, right? If your are a porn girl you are expected to do more. On a more personal note, I think anal sex has one more advantage - it frees up your pussy. You can actually show it off to the camera, spread it, rub it, etc. while being fucked in your ass at the same time. This really can make it more enjoyable to the viewer. Better yet, you can take another dick in your pussy, completing the DP. And this to me is probably the ultimate sex act and a girl's total submission to the craving of cock.
Posted by: MWP on 6/16/2014 1:45:58 AM
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