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Amazing new glamour model Jessi June lets us get to know her better

Jul 02, 2012 - Posted By: Peter
Jessi June was only added to Barelist less than two months ago, and she has already become one of the most popular glamour models on the site. Jessi has such a cute and innocent look to her, and her great natural boobs and round ass do not hurt either. So far Jessi has already shot for Twistys, and we're sure that we'll be seeing her all over the place very soon. We would really like to thank Jessi for doing our interview, and please make sure you check her profile page often for all of the newest Jessi June picture and video galleries.

What was your first job?
My first job ever was actually cleaning up the dog cages at a local pet store in Miami. It was miserable, and I was the only person there who treated those pets right, and since I only worked weekends, it was pretty depressing.

How and when did you get into the adult industry?
Haha, well, I wouldn't quite say I'm there yet. I've been a glamour model for 2 years now since turning 18, and I've been flirting with the idea of going into the adult industry for a few months now.

So what do you plan on doing when you get rolling in the adult modeling world?
Well, I've been in Twisty's, which was an awesome experience, and I have a magazine feature coming out soon, and a few other companies have contacted me for shooting, so we'll see where all of these go! Right now all I've done is solo work, but I think I'm going to be starting my explicit and girl girl work very soon, and I'll probably stick to that for a while and see how it goes! One step at a time! Lol.

How do your friends and family feel about your decision to be an adult model?
Well, when I chose to leave life behind to travel and model full time, they all pretty much got left behind. You know how when you leave for college, your high school friends kind of get phased out? Same thing when you leave for the road. As for family, I only have my mom, and she has reservations at time, but what mom wouldn't?

If you had not joined the adult industry, what do you think you would be doing now?
Finishing up my business degree and figuring out the next step of my life. I graduated high school a year early and finished a year of college for my senior, and spent the first year of living on the road taking online classes, so I'm still right on track for where I would have been had I not done this. I think I'd probably pursue a masters in marketing afterwards.

Do you get recognized in real life? Any funny stories?
So far, not really. When I'm out and about, I'm usually in baggy pants, a tank or jacket, and with my hair up, I generally don't look like people know me. Hell, when I show up to my shoots, my photographers usually get worried until I let my hair down because I show up looking like a bum, but once I get into outfit, they're like "THERE'S Jessi!! Wheww... I was getting worried!" Lol.

Do you prefer video or photo shoots?
So far, I've mostly done photoshoots, so I like those just because I'm a perfectionist, and with pictures, you can just get rid of that one pic. With video, you could screw up a whole video with one mistake, and from the few I've done, I've always felt like, "Dammit, I need to do better" afterwards, even if the filmer loved it. I'm hard on myself.

Where is the most exotic location you have shot at?
Hawaii!!! I went there for a 2 week vacation, and actually ended up booking up my whole time there, so I splurged and got a Penthouse Suite on Waikiki Beach, and enjoyed a 360 degree view when not out on some beach shooting naked. Definitely not a time I would ever complain about.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of your body?
My favorite boy part would probably be my butt. Everyone focuses on my boobs because their decently large and real, but I've always liked my bubble butt! I try it to get it more attention! Lol.

Who is your favorite adult star (past or present)?
I would probably say Kayden Kross, because I honestly believe she's one of the hottest women on the planet. If I had to choose a girl for my first Girl/girl shoot, I would want her. Brett Rossi and Dani Daniels are pretty fine too! Definitely on a list for me! Lol.

What is your favorite sex toy?
Strap-ons... The joys of sex but with the awesomeness of it being a woman!! I always had a fantasy of using one on a girl, and when I finally did, it was fun, but damn was it tiring!! I learned to appreciate what guys go through for sex after that. I was burnt out after like a minute or 2...

Do you exercise on a regular basis? What kind?
I try to, but usually fail. I use the hotel gyms whenever possible, but with the random hours and amount of work I have to do online, sometimes the workout gets forgotten in lieu of a pizza dinner and emails. But I'm trying to get better!!

Where did you go on your last vacation (not work related)?
Vacation?? What's that?? Lol. Honestly, my vacations are when I finally make it back to Miami and see some family for the holidays. I travel 350 days a year, so I'm constantly in different cities, and different hotels, so when I eventually make it back home, lounging on a couch with my own television stations is better then any beach!

Do you have any pets?
No home means no pets! Lol. It just wouldn't be fair to them to have to live in a car, but once I stop traveling and get a place, I'll definitely get a dog or two and a cat or two. I always buy pets in twos so they have a friend.

What is the last book you read?
Some photoshop instructional book. I've been working on my photography and editing, so if I get free time, I usually don't ever just let it be "free time" because I always feel like there’s something better I could be doing to improve myself.

Do you have a guilty pleasure TV show? Song?
Well it was House, but now that's gone! My new favorite would probably be The Big Bang Theory. I just love Sheldon! As for songs, it would be 80's music! My inner sexy definitely comes out to some cheesy 80's music like "Cherry Pie", or "Pour some sugar on me"... I think it's from enjoying strippers too much. Lol.

What is your dream car?
Audi R8! That thing is the definition of fuckin' Sexy! I would do many bad things to get my hands on one of those. Lol.

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
You know, I'm not much of a drinker since I still have 6 months before I'm 21, but I would probably say one of the fruity martini's. I love anything fruity. I'm a big smoothie person.

What are your favorite brands of jeans? Shoes?
I'm about the exact opposite of high maintenance, so for my jeans, I would say Charlotte Rouse, since their one of the few pairs that fits my booty right, and for shoes, I do love my heels, so I would probably go with Steve Madden. I like more expensive ones, but I never buy them because they'll just get ruined traveling... but one day... They will be mine. Oh Yes, they will be mine! Lol.

Do you have a hobby that would surprise most people?
I play Magic Cards!! Lol. I visited a comic book store in San Diego, Ca one day because I've always wanted to go to Comic-con, but always miss it because of my schedule, so I figured a comic store would be the next big thing. So I see all this awesome art work in a case and start looking at the cards, and 4 hours later, I left with like 3 boxes of cards and now I love it! I rarely have time to play, but when I do, it's always fun!

Do you have any special talents?
I'm a baking whiz! I love to cook, and baking is my forte. I once made someone a 10lb Reese's Peanut Butter Cup from scratch! Everything from scratch! I was brought up by a baking woman who believed everyone helps in the kitchen, so I learned at a young age. When this life ends for me, I would love to open a bakery. Maybe with some sexy servers and we'll call "Eatin' Muff's" LOL.

What's your ordinary day like? A day in the life of Jessi June...
A day in the life of me huh? Hmmm. Well, I wake up, and remind myself what city I'm in. Then I get showered, shave, the usual, and get to my first shoot around 8-10. Once I'm done there, I'll usually rush to my second one, hopefully with enough time to grab something to go. I'll shoot through the middle of the day and if I have a third shoot, I'll go there, order food to come to me, and work until I head back to my hotel to get online, respond to the 100 or so emails and messages I get a day, do some networking on Google Plus, post for the fans, anything else I may have to do, and by then, it's usually 2am, so I'll head to bed, sleep till 8, and start all over. I know it doesn't sound exciting, but I'd rather be too busy to have fun then having tons of fun and making no money. lol.

What's the best way for your fans to contact you?
I do most of my networking on Google+. is a shortened link for the profile, I'm also on twitter (@modeljessi) FB (just search me) and every other major social network. Pinterest, Instagram, and twitter are ones I'm just now getting into, so I'll grow those soon, by G+ is always the best. I love it!

What are the best sites to see your work?
For now, I would say Google+, Twistys for my erotic work so far (don't worry, more to come. I'm not allowed to say, but I have a fun magazine feature coming out that's probably my hottest shots yet, so stay tuned) and of course, Barelist!!! Lol. ;)

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