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Sexy porn star Penelope Stone spends a little time with Barelist

Sep 03, 2013 - Posted By: Peter
Penelope Stone is an exotic new porn star who was added to Barelist last month. In that short time we have already seen Penelope in some very sexy scenes from Mofos, Team Skeet and 21 Sextury. We fully expect to see Penelope on a ton of sites in the near future as well. We would really like to thank Penelope for doing our interview so early in her blossoming career. Please also make sure that you check her profile page often for all the newest Penelope Stone picture and video galleries.

What was your first job?
My first legit long term job was at Jamba Juice. I got hired as a TM, (team member), in April 2010 and made my way up in the company real quick. By February 2013, which was when I quit, I managed a few stores throughout my district.

How and when did you get into the adult industry?
I was always interested in the adult industry ever since I was young. In the fifth grade I got in trouble for printing out porn with a friend and showing it around the school. I thought it was interesting but obviously the other kids, school staff members, and my parents did not...I got I then laid low on the whole pornography subject. Then in seventh and eighth grade I was OBSESSED with PLAYBOY! I loved how the girls lived their life and what they wore and didnt wear, their makeup and hair and cars and parties and just LIFE! I loved how comfortable they were being naked and all. They inspired me to start noticing my own body. I would take pictures in my room when no one was home and I would post some “provocative” pictures on what we used back then, MYSPACE, lol I then grew out of that phase for a bit. In my first year of high school, my body grew, and other people noticed and I liked the attention. I started wearing tight clothes and purposely showed off a little bit of skin here and there. By my second year of high school I was a pro with teasing. I knew what I had and how to use it and I loved all the attention I was getting from anyone and everyone that gave me that! There is something empowering about knowing people want you but can’t have you. lol I never watched porn scenes but I would look at some pictures here and there. In eleventh grade, I got hired at Jamba Juice and it really took all my time and focus off everything else. All i cared about was finishing high school and working. I wanted to take over the entire district and make my name in the company but still always said that It would be interesting to see how the industry worked. I just couldnt do it while working for Jamba. after high school I didnt sign up for college right away. All I cared about was Jamba Juice. As time passed by and February 2013 came along, I made a difficult decision to leave the company that taught me so much about business and management and gave me so many opportunities and taught me personal life skills as well. When I quit, I thought to myself that it was the perfect time to try out what Ive always had interest in since I wasn’t enrolled in school or working. I was very skeptical about it though. I decided to search on the internet for “naked models needed” and sooooooo many things came up! Out of all, only four pages / companies stood out to me. I reached out to the four and only one agency replied back to me. I went and met with the owner of Metro Talent and he explained detail by detail how the industry works and what works and what doesnt and the pace and the money and the testings and etc.etc. I was still a little hesitant about it but I said I must try it out. So i signed with them and BAM here I am. AND I LOVE IT!

How did you come up with your stage name?
This one’s funny! My sister helped me out without knowing it. One day I went up to my sister and was like “what would we name our future kids?” SO we came up with a whole list of names we liked. Out of that list I was like “If my name wasn’t the name I was given, which name would fit me best?” And she picked four names....out of all four names I liked Penelope the most and felt it fit me most. As for the last name, I googled ‘top 10most used / famous porn star last name’ and I got the list. Me being the rebellious girl that I am, I wasnt going to go with a female last name and Stone was on the top 10 for males and it really went great with Penelope. So there you have it.

How do your friends and family feel about your decision to be an adult model?
My family do not like it or support it one bit. I was in Miami and they were back home here in California when they found out. My father literally had a heart attack and had to go to the hospital the day I told them I was doing porn. My father stopped talking to me for about a month which is CRAZY for us because anyone that knows us knows that my father and i are the closest to each other.... My younger brother didn’t and doesnt care. My older sister and I stopped talking for 2 months, maybe more. My mom is the only one that didnt stop talking to me. They dont like it but we dont talk about it. Most of my friends found out because an old high school classmate of mine publicly posted it up on FACEBOOK. He unfriended me and blocked me in order to post it up. I found out he posted it within the first 5 minutes because I had 814 messages through emails, messages, comments and texts that day. I got so many mixed feelings and messages from people. Some thought it was awesome, some thought i was going to ruin my life, some weren’t surprised, some were.....I just got all kinds of messages. So far I got support from every-single person even the ones that didn’t at first because I took time to explain to them how it works and all. They see how happy I am and that I have more plans for the industry than just what I’m doing.

What does it take to make it in a tough industry like the adult business? What important lessons have you learned so far?
In this industry you really have to have ‘thick skin’, a strong state of mind and be open minded as well. You have to be very comfortable and confident with yourself because it all transfers on to your photo stills and videos. You have to have patience, good money management skills, dedication. You have to have a support system and you have to be smart with every move you make.

Is there anybody special in your life? Or are you looking for somebody at the moment? If so, what do you look for?
I am surrounded with many special people in my life and i appreciate every-single one of them. As for a relationship, NO. I do not have a boyfriend and I’m not looking for any serious relationship right now. I dont search, if it happens to fall in place than let it be. I look for someone smart and doing something with their life.... I look for someone who can make me laugh. I look for someone who is adventurous and open minded. Someone who would accept me for who I am and all that comes with me. SHENANIGANS. lol

If you had not joined the adult industry, what do you think you would be doing now?
WELL, I am getting my General Ed. out of the way right own and once I do that, I am planning on minoring in business and management and majoring in the medical field making my way up to trauma surgeon. We’ll see how well my plans go.

Do you get recognized in real life? Any funny stories?
I actually got recognized a couple times already....WEIRD. I went to this party where I didnt know ANYONE and right when I walked in people were whispering my name and then yelled my name and then took pictures with me. Or when I was at the Topanga Canyon Mall and 3 couples recognized me and asked to take a picture with me over the course of 3 hours. lol Yeah i spent 3 hours at the mall that day...crazy!

Do you prefer video or photo shoots?
I honestly like both. Pictures allow us to stay glamoured up and channel energy out in a way where it still gets the viewer/s to be very intrigued. Videos are when we actually have that flow of energy and sound out and we get pleasured. Its great! (:

Where is the most exotic location you have shot at?
Miami on the street. Not too exotic but the intense moments of thinking you’re going to get caught makes it even that much better.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of your body?
I’m not sure if I can choose either. I’m very comfortable with all that I have.

What is your favorite sex toy?
HMMM..... I would say that right now it’s the Hitachi, it really is a MAGICAL WAND.

Do you exercise on a regular basis? What kind?
NO i don’t, I was blessed with a great body. But I should. As we get older, our bodies change so Im thinking of starting to train with a personal trainer.

Where did you go on your last vacation (not work related)?
San Francisco.

Do you have any pets?
I do. I have a blue betta fish named Betty. And I have a BEAUTIFUL and truly amazingly SMART Pure Canadian Chocolate Lab. You will fall IN LOVE WITH HIM. His name is COCO.

What is the last book you read?
eekkkk.... is this a real questions??? I dont remember. It’s been way too long.

Do you have a guilty pleasure TV show? Song?
I watch every type of law show on TV. CSI,LAW AND ORDE, CASTLE, NUMBERS, CLOSED CASE, ETC... I used to want to go into the whole police/ FBI field when I was younger.

What is your dream car?
I dont have one.

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
hmmm well when Im at home, a bbq, just chillin than i would drink beer. Stella, Dos Equis, Heineken. If I’m out and I have a drink i would take Adios Motherfucker or east side. or something.

What are your favorite brands of jeans? Shoes?
I dont shop brand names really. The two most expensive things I own are my Michael Kors watch and purse. I bought those for my birthday in January 2013. I just wear whatever is comfortable and unique. I go for cheap prices though, i mean clothes wear out eventually anyways.

Do you have a hobby that would surprise most people?
I’m not really sure. I love bowling, and gun shooting. I love hiking and rock climbing and jumping off the rocks into the water.

What is something about you that not too many people know?
Isn’t that about the same question as the one above??^^ lol

Do you have any special talents?
I can belly dance...

What's your ordinary day like? A day in the life of Penelope Stone...
I dont have a routined day. I do whatever comes up. Running errands, cleaning, I eat a whole lot, I go to Starbucks every day of my life, Hang out with my COCO, meet up with friends, write down different scene scenarios for future productions, go to school, I do all kinds of things. Something interesting always comes up in my days!

What's the best way for your fans to contact you?

What are the best sites to see your work?
Ive worked for Hustler, Penthouse, 21Sextury, Mofos, BangBros, Reality Kings, New Sensations, Teen Fidelity, Lethal , Team Skeet any site (:

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