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Cute porn star Jillian Janson lets us get to know her a little better

Oct 29, 2013 - Posted By: Peter
Jillian Janson is a stunning porn star who we just added to Barelist yesterday after one of her fans request that we do. Jillian has a very innocent and cute look to her, and we are sure that she will have a great career in the adult industry. So far we have only seen Jillian in a scene for Teen Fidelity, but we know that a ton more scenes are about to be released. We would really like to thank Jillian for doing our interview so early in her career, and please make sure you stop by her profile page for all the newest Jillian Janson picture and video galleries.

What was your first job?
I worked at a McDonald’s when I was 14 years old, because I had to help support my mother and I while she was out of a job. We were living in a harsh situation that kept us there for about 2 months. So I didn't work there for too long before we packed up and moved to my Aunt’s house a few hours away.

How and when did you get into the adult industry?
I was hanging out with a friend of mine that referred me to doing webcamming. He figured since I was a "pretty girl" I would get paid a lot of money and never be poor again. I went on one day and a guy contacted me saying he was an agent. So we ended up on the phone for 3 hours and we pretty much had a flight booked for August 12, 2013. I was vacationing in Indiana with my father first to have our annual father daughter time since I hardly got to see him throughout each year I could only see him in the summer. We weren't very close which ended in a bad relationship between us two that we never talk to each other anyone.

How did you come up with your stage name?
People kind of know me now as the name changer. I first started as Anna, since my name sounded so familiar to that one I figured I'd get used to it quicker. It's not easy getting used to a completely different name than the one that you were born with and dealt with for 18 years or longer. Then I realized how big I wanted to get while in the industry which I plan to be in for a long time, I wanted a name that suited me better and one that I could see in a magazine spread. The other name sounded like a little girl's name and I didn't want to live with that the rest of my life. So I changed it to Jillian Brookes. I had another recent change to it that I guarantee I'll be sticking with. It's Jillian Janson now simply for the nickname JJ and it makes more sense to me.

How do your friends and family feel about your decision to be an adult model?
I mentioned my father disowned me by not talking to me anymore and abandoning his fatherly duties, but my mother was completely the opposite. She's been my number one supporter through all of this and hasn't been like everyone else by being a person to judge my life choice. In many ways, she's my hero. My other family members found out as time passed. They support me and they still love me like I know they always will so it was nice to have them by me through the tough times I faced. I told my close friends by discovering how much I trusted them and they showed me they were loyal so we talked about it once in awhile since I was living a normal life as a teenager in high school finishing my final year, the conversation about me in the industry came up a lot. Otherwise, it's been hell living the way I have near the people I was in my hometown. Everyone else was immature and couldn't handle it which forced me out of town to move to California doing what I love to do.

What does it take to make it in a tough industry like the adult business? What important lessons have you learned so far?
I am extremely excited to see what the industry all does for me in the end. The number one reason for joining the industry is the amount of people that look up to you for your beauty and talents which I call my loving fans. I wouldn't be here without them, but I also wouldn't be here if I didn't keep up with how fast and tough it is to do a career like this. I need to keep myself strong and healthy, because the body is the most important part about the production or else the industry wouldn't exist. A good personality is what keeps me going as I am since people love nice people, it makes the day better and go by faster than the fast pace it goes at anyway. The key lesson is to work out and keep up with good eating habits and that'll keep anyone in the business for a long time.

Is there anybody special in your life? Or are you looking for somebody at the moment? If so, what do you look for?
I am currently focused strictly on work since I just started I want to be settled in my first home soon, but lately I have been feeling like my life could be even better than what it is now with a boyfriend. I won't date outside of the industry for a few reasons that make a lot of sense to me, but it makes me one step closer to wanting a relationship than what I wanted at first. I wanted no one, because I am a party girl and now that I am in the industry I didn't want to feel weighed down by someone.

If you had not joined the adult industry, what do you think you would be doing now?
I actually would be sitting in class right now finishing my last year in high school as a senior, but unexpectly I moved to California since all my classmates found out what I am doing with my career. So, I dropped out of school to continue the start of my life and gave up on the drama happening that caused a little bit of depression and anxiety to move here to where I am now. Then I would have graduated high school and been out here doing this anyways, because this choice was meant for me.

Do you get recognized in real life? Any funny stories?
While I was still at home I only got recognized by the people I went to school with even though I didn't know a lot of people, they knew me. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of funny stories, because I ran away from it all right as it all happened. I am sure my girl-friends that were by my side sticking up for me have a lot of funny stories to tell though ha-ha.

Do you prefer video or photo shoots?
I love both, because I am a very photogenic and videogenic person. However, video shoots are my favorite. I love them simply for the pleasure that I receive even if I am with a guy, we usually have sex for the photos but constantly stopping to pose for the camera. On video, there is hardly any stopping besides to switch positions which turns out for a very happy Jillian. I love sex so much and I love being satisfied! Nothing feels better than to go home and relax from the best multiple orgasms of your life. I couldn't imagine living my life without being satisfied the way that I am every day.

Where is the most exotic location you have shot at?
Not a lot of exotic locations, but very beautiful and scenic places. I grew up in small towns living a sheltered life, so when I moved closer to Minneapolis I was introduced to a lot more in life. Living here in California is amazing since I love being surrounded by culture and scenery.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of your body?
I am constantly getting compliments on my eyes, boobs, and booty. My favorite part is my hair, because it completely makes me look the way I do which I am happy with my appearance. I do want to change a few things, but nothing drastically. I want to be slimmer in the waist and thighs, but that's nothing that working out can't fix.

What is your favorite sex toy?
A fan bought me a Hitachi Magic Wand Massager and I use that every day. I am used to the power that it provides, because I used it so much with one that I had from Adam&Eve before my mother used it for her back one day and it burnt out. I am glad my mother wasn't hurt, but she also had no idea that it did that since I used it so much for long periods of time. I usually only use toys that focus on my clit, because I feel that I orgasm a lot more that way since it is the most sensitive part of my body.

Do you exercise on a regular basis? What kind?
I haven't started working out in my life yet, but once I am settled into my own place I will work out more for my abs and legs. I also want to make my back stronger since we use it so much for work, it's the most important structural piece of my body, obviously ha-ha.

Where did you go on your last vacation (not work related)?
Once again, I lived a sheltered life so I didn't travel much. I would say I remember as a child my family would go to South Dakota to celebrate Christmas with my mother's ex husband's family. It was a vacation to us, because we never went anywhere and we would only go to that state once a year.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have my wonderful kitten Chloé she is 1 year old. I love her so much mainly for her cuteness, but also because she is my own. We got her for a specific reason being that I wanted a kitten as a young girl and I didn't get one til later in life, so I experience what it's like to take after not only yourself, but an animal. I talk about her a lot and you will also see her a lot, because I am not afraid to let me fans see my favorite thing in the world, my baby Chloé.

What is the last book you read?
I recently read the 50 Shades of Grey series. I loved it for many reasons, but mainly for all the bondage and sexual fantasies.

Do you have a guilty pleasure TV show? Song?
I am in love with Patrick Dempsey, but I fell for him while constantly watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. You will hear me say a lot that my theme song for my life is "No Worries" by Lil Wayne, because I have lived the life that I have which isn't necessarily a good thing. I feel my life had no purpose until now, so I tell myself not to worry about how I got where I am today and just be thankful for it. So I always tell myself I ain't got no worries, which Lil Wayne also happens to be one of my favorite rappers since I listen to Rap/Hip hop/and R&B.

What is your dream car?
I don't want to be over the top or anything so I would be 100 % happy with an Audi.

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
Although I am 18, I have had experiences in my life to know that I love Vodka.

What are your favorite brands of jeans? Shoes?
I wasn't a brand name dresser ever in my life, so coming here to CA will definitely change my wardrobe style, but as of right now I don't know a lot of brands besides Coach, Chanel, Gucci, and Prada.

Do you have a hobby that would surprise most people?
Not really anything unusual, but I love to sing in the car. It's really the only place that I will sing unless we are listening to music on set I will get into it there as well.

What is something about you that not too many people know?
I grew up with a harsh life that made me who I am today. Most people would say that I am smart, independent, sophisticated, outgoing, and a very positive person and I fully agree with, so usually you hear me tell people that.

Do you have any special talents?
I don't think that I do, but I have learned that being here in a new place with new people being open to new ideas, one day I will discover a talent.

What's your ordinary day like? A day in the life of Jillian Janson...
I am a very relaxing person and I love living life like any other person, so I never want to be treated like I am not a normal person. I love my alone time like anyone else that works a lot so I relax on the couch to watch TV or I will sit on my phone keeping up with my social media accounts. Going out with my friends or sitting in with them at home having a good time is usually another way for me to live an ordinary life.

What's the best way for your fans to contact you?
I recently gave out my email to everyone, because I want to hear the thoughts and opinions from all my fans as well as getting information such as photos and videos from my scenes since we as models have to pay to see our stuff just like everyone else does. That email is jillianjanson@outlook.com. Twitter is my number one social media site, because I am on it typically everyday not living life without it ever again. It's a great way to keep up will all my fans @jillian_janson and all my other sites are Instagram if anyone wants to see regular "selfies' and day to day photos from me @jillian_janson, for vine look up Jillian Janson, I prefer to be asked questions on Tumblr as well as seeing me on there a lot too once I get it started up at http://jillianjansonxxx.tumblr.com/, also find personal videos of me on Vimeo at http://www.vimeo.com/jillianjanson

What are the best sites to see your work?
I am so blessed to have worked for many companies so far for being in the business for a short period of time, but you can find my published scenes at http://www.amateurallure.com, http://fuckedhard18.com as Anna, and http://www.teenfidelity.com. I also have a lot more scenes coming out for Babes.com, a few scenes with Reality Kings, FTVGirls, Brazzers, Digital Desire, Jules Jordan, Fantasy One, Naughty America, Bang Bros, and ExoticaX. However at the time this is what I was told the sites that the scenes will go on, so I could be incorrect about the sites that the scenes from any one of those companies listed. Photoshoots with Barely Legal and Penthouse.

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