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Sexy Amarna Miller lets us get to know her a little bit better

Mar 19, 2014 - Posted By: Peter
Amarna Miller is a stunning redhead adult model from Spain. She has been extremely popular on Barelist since we added her under a year ago. With her amazing looks and super hot body, we are not shocked at all with Amarna's popularity with our visitors. Amarna has been shot by such large sites as Twistys and DDF Network as well. We can't wait to see tons more from Amarna in the coming months and would really like to thank Amarna for taking the time out of her day to do our interview. Also make sure you check her profile page often for all the newest Amarna Miller picture and video galleries. Make sure you also take some time to visit her official site: Amarna Miller's Official Site

What was your first job?
My first job was in a flea market really close to my parents’ house, when I was just 16. I used to sell my own crafts, such as hand-made bags or jewelry. Then, when I was 18 I started working as a photographer in the Santiago Bernabeu stadium (of the Real Madrid football team).

At that moment I was thinking about becoming a model, and a couple of months later I was modeling for some of the biggest names in Spanish photography. I really enjoyed to do explicit images so from there to porn it was just one little step.

How and when did you get into the adult industry?
I started working as an artistic model, posing naked for painters and photographers. Because I have always been quite interested in erotic photography, my pictures become increasingly more explicit, and at some point I started to shoot pornographic pictures. I felt really comfortable in front of the camera, so at some point I started to think about getting into the porn industry.

I tried to find a good company in Spain to start working with, but I didn’t find anything that I really liked. So I decided to create my own porn production company, Omnia-X, to shoot the porn I wanted to see but didn’t exist at that moment. With the help of some friends I did my first solo videos, and later my first lesbian shoots. I was just 19 years old.

How did you come up with your stage name?
That’s a really curious story! I wanted something special, with a personal meaning. My first choice was to name myself “Echo Lawrence” because of a character of a book I really loved (Rant. an oral Biography of Buster Casey, by Chuck Palahniuk) but of course the name of the website was already taken. So I started thinking about names in history that I enjoyed…and I remembered the story of the pharaoh Akenathon, father of Tutankhamon, who settled the capital of the Egyptian empire in the city of Tell Amarna.

I liked his history because I’m an art lover, and he started to produce no hieratic sculptures, something really special at his time. Later his son, angry with him, broke the face in all the artworks which represented his father. Kind of creepy, but I love it. And I took the name!

My last name “Miller” comes from Henry Miller, the writer.

How do your friends and family feel about your decision to be an adult model?
My friends support me since the first moment. Knowing me for all these years they already knew that I was going to be into this business in one way or another…I love porn so much!

My parents respect my decision but they do not like it. Because I have a career and I’m a clever girl, they think I could be doing something else. But the fact is that this is exactly what I want to do.

What does it take to make it in a tough industry like the adult business? What important lessons have you learned so far?
You need to have clear ideas and know what you want and do not want to do from the beginning. Focus on your goals and go for them.

In such a competitive business, in which so much money is earned, young girls who are not clear on what they want are devoured by the industry. You have to think in medium terms how you want to take your career. What image do you want to give or what styles do you want to do. Just gonzo? Glam? Softcore?

In my case, that's what I did: knowing from the beginning what were my limits were and to not exceed them even for all the money in the world. And if someone asks me to do a scene with an actor who does not attract me, or doing a kind of sex act that I do not like, I just refuse the work.

That's probably the most important lesson I've learned: To know which jobs I should refuse.

You must also think in long term. This business will not be in your life forever and in a few years you'll not be able to work as an actress. No one will hire you. What will you do then? What are you going to do? Many girls become agents of models, others are dedicated to luxury prostitution. In my case, I have decided to run my own production company (Omnia-X) with which I hope to earn enough to retire as an actress when the time is right.

Is there anybody special in your life? Or are you looking for somebody at the moment? If so, what do you look for?
I have a boyfriend that I love so much, we have been together for 2 years and a half now. He enjoys my job and we have a really healthy relationship based in communication. I think the human being is not monogamous by nature so we have an open relationship in which each one of us can be with other people; that of course includes shooting porn.

If you had not joined the adult industry, what do you think you would be doing now?
I would be photographer or videographer. Well, I’m already both things at the moment, so I cannot complain.

I studied Fine Arts between Madrid and Santa Fe (New Mexico) so I have a career that has helped me to have the appropriate technical skills to shoot what I like: explicit sex!

I've always wanted to dedicate myself to something related to sexuality, whether it be writing articles, taking pictures, or acting. I am fortunate to be involved in this industry in a thousand different ways, and I love it!

Do you get recognized in real life? Any funny stories?
When I'm in Madrid I spend most of the day working on the computer in my house so I do not have time to go out and being recognized on the street.

What has happened to me is meeting someone new who already knew of my existence because they read my blog. It's weird because you meet someone for the first time and they know a lot of details of your life.

Do you prefer video or photo shoots?
It depends of the moment and the people you are working with. I started in the world of the image as an artistic model so pose for the camera in photo shoots is something that flows completely naturally.

Some time ago, the video recording was more complicated for me, because you need to think about the acting, the lights, the camera… but right now I have so under control the positions and the light that I forget to think and I can concentrate on enjoying the scene.

Where is the most exotic location you have shot at?
I've been lucky enough to shoot in very spectacular places. I remember intensely the house in which I shot my scene for Babes Network "Ivory's touch." The entire roof of the house was made of glass, and inside there was a pool so if someone goes for a swim you could completely see them from downstairs.

Also, with Omnia-X I did a masturbation scene in which I find myself in a giant hot tub completely filled with lubricant. There were about 50 litres of lubricant, that was crazy. I took advantage of the fluids to play with my body and in the end I was absolutely covered by the liquid…pretty fun.

I also remember going to Budapest to shoot with DDF Network and finish recording in a beautiful three floor mansion. There was a tub on the deck, and at least three jacuzzis inside. Also a full sauna, in which I shot a threesome with Amber Nevada and Markus Dupree.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of your body?
The favorite parts of my body are my eyes and my bum. It’s so big that I love it so much!! I really don’t have any part of my body that I don’t like. When I was younger I had very poor self-confidence and I thought my breasts were too small…but at the moment I feel comfortable with every part of my body. Looking at myself in pictures and in video has helped me so much in the process of accepting myself just as I am.

Who is your favorite adult star (past or present)?
This is a really difficult question! I really love porn so it’s quite difficult to choose just one porn star.

I think Sasha Grey has been my first reference in this industry. She’s absolutely stunning and enjoys her shoots so much, when you see a scene in which Sasha appears you feel the passion in every pore of her skin. Also, she was clever enough to get out of the business when she was the most famous pornstar, and used the contacts she got during her years in porn to work in other areas that also interested her, such as music or literature. A really good example to follow!

In terms of sex, I’m absolutely in love with Stoya. In my opinion she is one of the sexiest girls that works at the moment in porn. Her expressions while fucking are awesome.

In boys, I really like James Deen, Manuel Ferrara and Tony Ribas.

And I also want to mention some Spanish porn actresses and actors that I admire a lot: Silvia Rubi and Amber Nevada on the girls team, and David el Moreno and Franck Franco on the boys team. Keep attention to them because they’ll do a lot of things to talk about!

What is your favorite sex toy?
The Hitachi Magic Wand, without any doubt. It makes me cum in less than 5 minutes! If you have not tried it yet I recommend it by far.

Do you exercise on a regular basis? What kind?
Some years ago I used to do a lot of exercise. I had a daily routine of push-ups and high-intensity exercise. But when I was living in America, between the move and all the whole mess, I stopped exercising.

Now that I'm in Spain again I'm trying to get back in shape but it is difficult to follow a regular routine with the kind of life I lead. I’m not in the same country for one entire week!

Now I am following an exercise program called "You are your own gym” in which you exercise using items that you have in your home, and your own weight. I love to work out so I do not have to force myself to do this, it becomes a fun part of the day.

Where did you go on your last vacation (not work related)?
I have not had any vacations that were not related to my work for many, many years. The truth is that I do not even remember when the last one was!

What I usually do is to take advantage when someone hires me in a foreign country and take a few days off to know the area.

My last big trip was to Australia and New Zealand. I was hired in a lot of productions (Ifeelmyself , AussieAss , PopPorn3D ... ) based in Melbourne , so I was there for three weeks working and at the end I started a road trip that lasted four months.

We hired a car and went up through the entire east coast, then go north to the city of Darwin and across the desert to the south to ended up back in Melbourne. Almost 30,000 km of travel! All that time I was living in a tent so the experience had been incredible to say the least.

Then I found a very cheap ticket to New Zealand, so I was there working for a few magazines, and then I spent a month exploring the two islands. I went back to Spain just one month ago.

Do you have any pets?
No, I don’t have pets.

I love to see the wild animals in their natural environment. In fact when I travel it is one of the things that I enjoy the most. So to see a poor caged animal breaks my heart.

Besides, I live in a small house in a big city, I do not believe that the conditions are adequate to raise a pet properly.

What is the last book you read?
The last book I finished was "Flow " by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi , who proposes a theory of emotional psychology which allows you to enjoy every moment of your life with full intensity. It has been a long but very productive reading. I love personal development books.

Now I just started "Feel the fear and do it anyway" by Susan Jeffers, which talks about how to overcome your greatest fears and reach the goals you set in your life.

In parallel I have read other lighter books like "Skinema" by Chris Nieratko and "The Other Hollywood: The Uncensored Oral History of the Porn Film Industry”, totally recommended for those who want to review the history of porn since its inception.

I really like fantasy and science fiction books (Terry Pratchett is my idol!). I also love the novels of Chuck Palahniuk and the beat generation, as the written by Kerouac, Burroughs and Ginsberg. But if I had to choose just one book, I think my favorite would be "Kool-aid acid test" by Tom Wolfe.

Do you have a guilty pleasure TV show?
I haven’t got TV in my house since many years ago. Instead, I have a projector that allows me to see everything as if I was in a cinema. Lately the TV show that I’m seeing the most is "Sherlock," which has a stunning visual quality.

I also like "Carnivale," "Game of Thrones", "Cosmos" (The old and new) and of course "The Simpsons" and "Futurama". I must also admit that I am addicted to "Adventure Time".

I listen to almost all musical styles, I can go from old music to the most powerful electronic. Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, Infected Mushroom, Pendulum and the Prodigy are some of my favorite bands.

But if I had to choose only one song, it would be "Take the long way home" from Supertramp. It makes me feel calm and relaxed, and reminds me of a very nice moment of my life.

What is your dream car?
I imagine myself doing a road trip through America driving some car from the 1950’s or 1960’s. A Pontiac GTO or a Chieftain would be great!

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
I do not drink alcohol since some years ago. Then I used to like Jägermeister with Red Bull, or mojitos, but it really burns your brain. At the moment I just drink a lot of water and some energy drinks.

What are your favorite brands of jeans? Shoes?
I buy most of my clothes in big superstores like H&M, Blanco or Zara. I change my style a lot so by this way I do not spend a lot money on it. My only quirk is occasionally buying leggins and swimsuits from the Australian brand BlackMilkClothing. They release a lot of geek items, such as trousers with Middle Earth’s map or T-shirts with Game Boy shapes. I cannot resist.

Shoes are a different matter. I love to wear high heels so much, that my collection is stunning. My favorite brand by far is Jeffrey Campbell; I can spend hours looking for the perfect shoe. I also enjoy Betsey Johnson and Steve Madden. And if at any point of my life I can buy myself a pair of Louboutine’s, I will be the happiest girl in the world.

Do you have a hobby that would surprise most people?
I collect antique dolls since I’m 14 years old. I started to learn how to restore them when I was 15 and by the age of 18 some Spanish auction houses were calling me as an expert to price the ones they were selling. It’s a small world and there are not too many skilled people in the area. My own collection became bigger and at the moment I have around 500 dolls. It’s terrible, my room in my parents’ house is absolutely full of dolls.

Some years ago I stopped my collection, as Tyler Durden says “The things you own end up owning you”.

Apart from this, I also love scuba diving. Some months ago I went to Australia and I can say that diving in the Great Barrier Reef has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I enjoy traveling so much, and being part of this business allows me to see hundreds of places in the world.

What is something about you that not too many people know?
That I have a cracked ear. About four years ago I used to have expansions in my ears and at some point one just cracked. It’s hardly noticeable, but that's why I never wear earrings!

Many people have asked me why I do not have it operated on, but for me it seems to be like a war wound. The scars that we have tell our stories, our personal experiences. And I do not want to eliminate them!

Do you have any special talents?
I’m so bad at singing than when I take a microphone the glasses are already broken. I’m kidding.

I think I’m pretty good at writing. When I was younger I used to write a lot of short stories but at some point I decided to stop. At the moment I’m trying to get back, and thanks to my blog ( my sleeping imagination is returning to life.

Also, I studied Fine Art so I can say that I’m good at expressing my creativity. I hate painting so much but I love photography and video. I’m trying to develop my skills behind the camera orienting them to porn. Thanks to my own porn production company, Omnia-X ( I can do it every day.

What's your ordinary day like? A day in the life of Amarna Miller...
I wake up at 8:30 in the morning and have a huge breakfast. Meanwhile I try to read something interesting or watch a TedTalk.

Then I start my routine for everyday: I check my e-mail and answer urgent messages and I schedule one or more articles in my blog. Then I see what the important things I have to do are and make myself a schedule for the day.

At 11:00 I go to Omnia-X office and work exclusively for the company. I do the accounting and prepare the production of the new scenes. Contacting the models and managing the social network accounts are another one of my responsibilities.

Usually we have short meetings while we have lunch, and we tell each other in the company how are we progressing. After lunch it’s time to do interviews to new models or meet with our collaborators, such as photography directors or photographers.

I end my work at 19:00 and then I have some time for myself again. At this moment I answer my pending interviews (like this one!) and I try to relax a little. Sometimes I try to see a movie, but I always fall asleep.

Depending of the day I can have some photo shoots in the middle. But because I work in my own company my schedules are flexible and I can recover those hours at any other moment of the day.

Anyways, at the moment I spend a lot of time shooting new scenes so I’m not following this “ordinary day” scheme too much. I’m a really organized girl and I try not to procrastinate; I love my job but I really work a lot…I’m always busy!

What's the best way for your fans to contact you?
The social network that I use the most is twitter. There you can find me as @amarnamiller ( But the easiest and fastest way to contact me is through my e-mail

What are the best sites to see your work?
My blog, by far. ( I upload all my recent shoots daily and I explain curious facts from backstage. My personal thoughts, my ideas and my beliefs. If you like my work, that’s the best way to be updated!

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Amazing Interview and amazing body. I didn't know about this girl.
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